2017 Campus Scholarship Winners

Ann Z., Itasca Community College

On returning to school – “Higher education has costs and benefits that must be weighed…and when we do come to the decision that the benefits of getting that degree greatly outweigh the drawbacks, we do all that we can to make our dream come true.”

Eric E., Rochester Community & Technical College (RCTC)

On Affinity Plus – “Because of them giving me an opportunity to build my credit and to have safe, reliable transportation, I’m not only able to take my children to appointments and run errands, I can attend RCTC in the first place.”

Gabrielle J., St. Paul College

On financial stress of students – “As a student, you hear about how you will have to start taking on many responsibilities and the stress that comes with those responsibilities, but most of the stress comes from poor planning and the lack of financial literacy.”

Hannah B., Dunwoody College of Technology

On building a campus program – “By helping to create an architecture education environment that welcomes and invites new members, we encourage mutual growth and personal development. I endeavor to welcome newcomers knowing that it will strengthen both society and the architectural industry.”

Michaela M., Bemidji State University

On mentoring – “I want to share my enthusiasm for college life, and model the skills and the motivation necessary to obtain a college degree.”

Lauren H., Minnesota State University - Mankato

On volunteering - “I thoroughly enjoy being a positive influence in the lives of others while also feeling productive.”

Aishat O., Minnesota State University- Moorhead

On establishing a campus outreach initiative – “I realized that programming is a skill that everybody needs to have…and by harnessing people of different backgrounds with such salutary skill, we can be assured steady innovations from every industry.”

Theophine L., St. Cloud State University

On working with fellow students – “Mentoring students, especially when they are not sure on what to do, or even giving hope to people, is my joy.”

Hope F., University of MN – Twin Cities

On campus involvement – “Participating in various professional and community service events throughout the year has helped me and my fellow brothers to build the reputation of the University in both the surrounding philanthropic groups and the local community.”

Mikaela S., Winona State University

On coaching – “I love being able to give back to the youth and help them learn to be the best they can be, to never give up, and that hard work really does pay off.”




The Affinity Plus Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of its $5,000 scholarships for the 2017-18 school year!

Eva B., St. Cloud

Currently serving in the United States Civil Air Patrol as a Senior Member, Eva is active in leading youth while pursuing a degree in accounting through St. Cloud Technical and Community College and St. Cloud State University. 

Xeng Y., St. Paul

A member of his Johnson High School’s First Robotics Team and a Peer Tutor, Xeng will pursue a degree in Computer Science and looks forward to giving back to his community through technology and science education projects.

Marsha D., Mankato

A strong belief in the value of education is driving Marsha to pursue a doctoral degree in community college leadership at Minnesota State University – Mankato and hopes her education will positively impact the role community colleges play in higher education.

Gabe M., Hastings

With his family as cheerleaders, Gabe’s passion for engineering and design through previous roles in the Marine Corps are now leading him to a career through Dunwoody Institute in medical technology.

Hannah V., Minneapolis

A current doctoral student at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, Hannah is the co-founder of TC Food Justice and focused on becoming a leader in the infectious disease field.

Caitlin S., Baxter

Currently wrapping up her education at Brainerd Senior High School, Caitlin is passionate about giving back to her community through coaching youth gymnastics, being a member of the Key Club and participating in various events with the Brainerd Lakes Chapters of Muskies, Inc. 

Matthew B., Duluth

With a strong belief in the importance of arts education and its accessibility, Matthew is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in Music Education while perfecting his own performance by participating in various musical groups both on and off campus. 

Elizabeth G., Mankato

A current student at Minnesota State University – Mankato, Elizabeth is a volunteer for the ER and STEP Force at Mayo Clinic Health System and a certified Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate while pursuing a double-major in Spanish and Social Work.